Our students’ spiritual growth is our number one priority. We encourage them to incorporate the message of Jesus’ salvation in their daily lives – whether this be through their classwork, the arts, athletics, or while at work and at home.

Religion Department

Mission Statement

Concordia Preparatory School views itself as people forgiven, loved, and valued through God’s reconciling activity in Christ Jesus. Therefore, faculty and staff, along with the students, shall endeavor to assist in the developmental process of each student by:

  • Nurturing spiritual and emotional growth.
  • Equipping in knowledge and skills.
  • Providing social and relational support and training.
  • Promoting healthy physical development.


  • Rev. Peter Couser (Campus Pastor) – Texas Christian University – B.S., Concordia Seminary of St. Louis – M.Div.
  • Mr. Ryan Baney (Chairperson) – Concordia University Nebraska – B.A., B.S.
  • Pastor Eric Bednash – Concordia University Wisconsin – B.A., Concordia Theological Seminary Fort Wayne – M.Div.
  • Ms. Julia Bloom – Concordia University Nebraska – B.S.Ed.
  • Mr. Jacob Harding – Concordia University Nebraska – B.S.
  • Mr. Aaron Holtmeier – Concordia University Wisconsin – B.S.
  • Mr. Joseph Meador – Concordia University Wisconsin – B.M.E.
  • Ms. Melissa Weldon – Concordia College New York – B.A.
    University of Richmond – M.A.

Requirements for Graduation

Four Religion credits are required for graduation, or one credit for every year the student is in attendance.

Courses of Study

Religion 9/10

This course is designed to introduce the student to the spiritual life at Concordia Prep. The objective is to build community among the class members as they are introduced to a broad spectrum of religious topics, including a brief overview of the Old and New Testaments and basic Christian doctrines. The course should prepare all students, regardless of their religious backgrounds, for the topics they will encounter in the years that follow.

Religion 11/12

Through group discussion and personal involvement, the students will be challenged to deepen their spiritual commitment. Working through such topics as bio-ethics, church history, world religions, denominations, cults, and creation and evolution the students will grow in faith and courage to make a meaningful witness of their faith.


Chapel Leaders

Through group discussion and personal involvement, the students will be challenged to deepen their spiritual commitment. Students will also be exposed to leadership concepts for the church and world while taking a student leadership role when planning for diverse student worship experiences.


Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) – Faith + Sports = FCA. Student leaders working to see the world transformed by Jesus Christ through the influence of coaches and athletes.

Campus Ministry

  • Classroom Devotions
  • Weekly Chapels
  • Upper School huddles and community service
  • Middle School after school meet-ups – games, prayers, and fellowship