At Concordia Prep we certainly want to expose our students to the amazing rich traditions of our art forms. Our goal is to inspire our students to find broad, personal, unique and interdisciplinary solutions to whatever problem they choose to attack.

Visual Arts

The Visual Arts program at Concordia Preparatory School provides an opportunity for all students to explore their God-given creative talents. Students have the opportunity to take four years of visual arts courses in which to create a portfolio of work. Regardless of the student’s intentions, it has been documented that students who participate in the fine arts become more aware and are better prepared for higher education and the aesthetic experiences of life yet to come.

Visual Arts Offerings: Fundamentals of Art, Art I, Art II, and Advanced Studio Art

Media and Practical Arts Offerings: Graphic Arts I, Graphic Arts II, Digital Photography I, Digital Photography II, and Yearbook

Theater Arts

In the theatrical and dramatic arts, we observe the world around us and how art and life imitate each other. The students are trained in a Christian environment to utilize their God-given talents and maximize their dramatic and design potential. The Concordia Prep Theater Department performs in two major productions each year: a fall play and spring musical in addition to performing in weekly Chapels and the annual variety show.

Theater Arts Offerings: Introduction to Theater, Acting I, and Acting II.

Instrumental and Vocal Arts

Through the vocal and instrumental music program at Concordia Preparatory School, students will develop musical excellence, leadership skills, teamwork concepts, character, and creativity to be used in a lifetime of service to the Lord. Our priority is musical ministry coupled with superior performance. Students will have the opportunity to perform on campus as well as at churches, schools and community functions.

Instrumental and Vocal Music Offerings: Concert Choir, Concert Band, Introduction to Guitar, Intermediate Guitar, and Jazz Band.

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