Mission Statement

Modern languages are receiving increased emphasis in today’s world of international travel, faxes, computers, and instant global communication. There is a great demand to be conversant in other languages as well as a great need for God’s people to develop an awareness and appreciation for people in different cultures.   


  • Mrs. Sara Welinsky (Chairperson) – Appalachian State University – B.S. Concordia University Nebraska – M.A.
  • Mr. Gary Doede – Concordia College New York – B.A., St. John’s College, Annapolis, MD. – M.A.
  • Ms. Kaitlyn Stradtmann – Concordia University Nebraska – B.A.
  • Ms. Melissa Weldon – Concordia College New York – B.A., University of Richmond – M.A.

Requirements for Graduation

Two years in the same language in grades 9-12. 

Courses of Study

Middle School: Spanish 1A, Spanish 1B, Spanish 1, German 1

Upper School:

  • Ancient Greet
  • Latin I, II, III, IV, V
  • Spanish I, II, III, IV, V, AP Spanish Literature
  • German I, II, III

International Travel

Each summer Concordia Prep sponsors an international trip for students and families. In the past trips have included tours of Belize, Spain, Germany and Italy. In summer of 2022, CPS will tour England, Ireland, and Scotland, and in the summer of 2023 planning is underway for a tour of Italy, Greece, and Spain.


Q: How are students evaluated and placed into college prep or honors classes?

A: Incoming students are required to take a placement test for English, mathematics, and optional for Spanish. Students are recommended to honors or regular college prep based upon their grades from their previous school and scores on the placement test.

Q: If my student intially places into regular college prep, can they move into honors?

A: Students who excel academically and maintain an A average throughout the year are eligible to move into honors courses the following year. Teacher recommendations and department approval is also necessary to move from college prep to honors.