Mission Statement

Good communication skills form the foundation upon which all other academic progress is built and measured. The English Department at Concordia Preparatory School provides instruction targeted at improving receptive and expressive communication skills: written, aural and oral. In addition to these more pragmatic concerns, the English Department guides students to a greater appreciation for the beauty of language, story, and human experience.


  • Mr. Gary Doede (Chairperson) – Concordia College New York – B.A., St. John’s College, Annapolis, MD. – M.A.
  • Mrs. Lynee Edwards – Concordia University New York – B.A.
  • Ms. Anna Heckel ‘10 – Towson University – B.S.
  • Mrs. Joy Johnson – Concordia University Nebraska – B.S., Concordia University Nebraska – M.Ed., Notre Dame of Maryland University – M.A.
  • Dr. Markus Zisselsberger – California State University, Fullerton – B.A., Binghamton University, SUNY – M.A., Binghamton University, SUNY – Ph.D.

Requirements for Graduation

In order to graduate, students must earn four English credits in the following full-year courses:

  • Grade 9 – Introduction to Literature or Honors Introduction to Literature
  • Grade 10 – Survey of World Literature or Honors Survey of World Literature
  • Grade 11 – American Literature or Honors American Literature
  • Grade 12 – British Literature or AP English: Literature and Composition


  • Creative Writing I
  • Creative Writing II
  • SAT Prep
  • Experiences in Writing (dual-credit)*
  • Introduction to Literature (dual-credit)*
  • Public Speaking

* The dual-credit program is available for accomplished Upper School students who wish to pursue college credit during their high school years. Students may take online classes in the humanities through Concordia University-Nebraska.


Poetry Out Loud Competition – Each year in December, the English Department organizes a Poetry Out Loud Contest, which is part of the National Poetry Out Loud competition. Students who win the Concordia Prep competition go onto the Maryland State Poetry Out Loud competition with the possibility of competing nationally.


Q: How are students evaluated and placed into college prep or honors classes?

A: Incoming students are required to take a placement test for English, mathematics, and optional for Spanish. Students are recommended to honors or college prep based upon their grades from their previous school and scores on the placement test.

Q: If my student initially places into regular college prep, can they move into honors?

A: Students who excel academically and maintain an A average throughout the year are eligible to move into honors courses the following year. Teacher recommendations and department approval is also necessary to move from college prep to honors.