Academically, Concordia Preparatory School offers a competitive college-preparatory program. Students may also elect to take Dual Credit courses enabling them to receive college credit as well as high school credit for their course. Students graduating from CPS are prepared academically, socially and spiritually as they continue the next phase of their lives.

Concordia Preparatory School is affiliated with the Lutheran Church Missouri-Synod and offers a college-preparatory curriculum. High school serves as a bridge to the college and adult years. It is vital during these four years of secondary education that students are fully prepared for the challenges ahead, not only in college, but also in life. Concordia Preparatory School benefits students by instilling a spiritual foundation predicated on Christ. With this foundation in place, our students are equipped to go into “the real world” knowing the true importance of faith, prayer, and Christian friends.

Each student must successfully complete a minimum of 26.5 credits to graduate from Concordia Preparatory School. The 26.5 credit course of study prepares students for most colleges and universities and earns a high school diploma.


Religion 4 Units
English 4 Units
Math* 3 Units 4 Units is strongly recommended: Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II, and higher level courses
Social Studies 3.5 Units World History I/II, U.S. History, and American Government or the Honors equivalent
Science 3 Units Three lab sciences, to include Biology and Chemistry
Technology 1/2 Unit
Fine Arts 1 Unit
World Language 2 Units Two years in the same language in grades 9-12. Special circumstances may preclude the requirement
Electives 4 Units One of the four units must be in a core subject area: math, science, English, social studies

Sample Schedule

Foundations of Faith I (one semester) Biblical Applications I (one semester)
Foundations of Faith II (one semester) Biblical Applications II (one semester)
Composition & Literature Nine Composition & Literature Ten
(English Honors Nine) (English Honors Ten)
Earth Science Biology
Algebra I (Honors Biology)
World History I Geometry
(Hon. World History I) (Honors Geometry)
Physical Education (two semesters or equivalent) World History II
Physical Education 189 (one semester) (Honors World History II)
Fine Arts Elective (one semester) Fine Arts Elective (one semester)
Fundamentals of Technology (one semester) Physical Education (one semester)
World Language World Language
Christian Commitment I (one semester) Spiritual Life Skills I (one semester)
Christian Commitment II (one semester) Spiritual Life Skills II (one semester)
American Literature British Literature I (one semester)
(Honors American Literature) British Literature II (one semester)
Chemistry (Honors British Literature I/II)
Algebra II AP English
(Honors Algebra II) Physics
United States History Pre-Calculus
(AP United States History) Science or Social Studies electives (one semester each)
Science or Social Studies electives (one semester each) American Government (one semester)
World Language World Language
Fine Arts Electives (one semester) Fine Arts Electives (one semester)