Middle School Gym Uniforms

All Middle School students need to purchase a gym uniform. The online store has been reopened and will close on Wednesday, August 14.

Please click on this link for your Land’s End Shopping Site

School Uniforms

Lands End is offering a 20% off sale July 31 – August 6
Please be reminded that Lands’ End is the sole provider of school uniform bottoms, shirts, and sweaters. All of these uniform pieces must be purchased through Lands’ End. The preferred school code is  900101890 . For more details, go to:  https://www.landsend.com/pp/SchoolSearch.html?action=landing&selectedSchoolNum=900101890 .  Make sure you are on the specific Concordia Prep website.
Here is more information from Lands’ End on how to order the uniform including information on two area retailers:
Below is an overview of the dress code from the Upper School and Middle School handbooks:
Uniform items purchased from Lands’ End are:
  • Short-sleeve or long-sleeve white, red, and gray polo shirts for Upper School, white long-sleeve button-down “School Uniform Long Sleeve” Oxford shirt (boys) and white long-sleeve button-down “School Uniform Long Sleeve” Oxford shirt (girls)
  • Sweaters, khaki pants, shorts (Middle School), skorts, and proper fitting black or brown belts. Shorts may be worn only on designated Out of Uniform Dress Days in the Upper School. Shorts may be worn by Middle School students every day.
  • All polos and sweaters must have the approved Concordia Prep logo.
  • Please be reminded while ordering that all students with visible tattoos must have them covered at all times.
If you have any questions about the Concordia Preparatory School-Sponsored Dress Code, please contact Curtis Miller at  CurtisMiller@ConcordiaPrepSchool.org.