Why We Love CPS For Our Child!

“We love CPS for its smaller atmosphere. It provides a smaller student to teacher ratio and a one-on-one educational learning environment that connects the student with the teacher for a better understanding of the academic lessons and academic programs for continued educational advancement. CPS has great diversity in its sports programs and overall growing student population allowing students to grow in academics, athleticism, character, relationships, and the CPS community. We love the strong faith culture and caring Administration Staff at CPS, which have been “ALL IN”! CPS has been a good fit educationally for my family. It is a convenient, family-oriented community, which shares student diversity, and maintains the educational discipline students need for a growing character in their preparedness to advance in the future. Our twins’ educational development has majored tremendously and I know by graduation C/O 2022 they will be ready for college and the world discovery ahead!”

–Emade Masango-Metuge; Parent of Sone (‘22) and Kogge (‘22) Metuge

“With two children at Concordia Prep, we are incredibly impressed with the nurturing, yet academically challenging environment the school offers. Our children have been encouraged to perform, think, and grow to a level that they were not previously. There are many opportunities for honors, advanced placement, and dual enrollment classes, which have provided our high school students with amazing challenges and growth. Our children have enjoyed exploring individual interests by taking electives such as coding, robotics, engineering, and art. Students at Concordia Prep have the opportunity to be part of inclusive middle school sports teams and competitive athletic teams in high school. Both of our children have loved participating on sports teams and representing their school community. There is a strong feeling of community and connection here at Concordia Prep, which has encouraged our children to explore, take risks, and grow in their faith as individuals. We appreciate that teachers and coaches know our children and genuinely take an interest in their academic, athletic, and spiritual growth. Our children enjoy going to school, which is truly a gift as a parent.”

–Dr, Nancy Fiorentino Smelcer; Parent of Gabrielle (‘23) and Ethan (‘25) Smelcer

“Attending Concordia has made a difference not only in our son’s life but in our lives as well. The curriculum is taught along with the caring hearts of the teachers allows our son to understand the importance of learning. I have full online access to his grades, his progress, and his teachers. When I reach out to the teachers, they respond. The support of these teachers allows me to better understand his learning successes and challenges.

“As parents, our number one goal is to keep our child accountable for being a responsible student. Through the help of the teachers and administrators, they have fostered that responsibility. They are encouraging our child to be the best he can be. They don’t just let him get by. They push him to thrive. We came to Concordia so we would see growth in our child and have him be seen as more than just a number. Concordia Prep has truly managed to do just that. This is so evident by the parent-teacher conferences, along with talking to administrators and the guidance department. They actually know my child, his strengths, and his weaknesses. They call him to higher ground both academically and personally. They have truly kept him accountable to be the best person he can be according to their rules and God’s commandments. And most importantly they remind him that he is created in the image of God.”

–Deborah & William Toole; Parent of Christian (‘22) Toole

“Within this close-knit community, we have found challenging classes tailored to our specific needs and goals, engaged teachers, and supportive faculty. The athletic coaches act as terrific role models who have motivated and inspired our students. We have been able to achieve success academically and grow through the additional multitude of offerings in athletics and the arts. This school is a hidden gem!”

–Jennifer Chamish; Parent of Emily (‘22) and Zac (‘22) Chamish

“I have two children at CPS, the first year, and we are so thrilled with the school. Nothing gives me more happiness than the fact that the teachers and staff actually get to know them as individuals and see their strengths. Through this difficult time, I hear the support and guidance they gave the kids since day one to ease their anxieties and make them feel they are supported by their teachers. The coaches and staff are all so kind and build the students up. There is certainly a Saints pride and that shines through. CPS has really risen to a higher level with keeping the kids focused and educated during this time and never missing more than a couple of days of their school year, impressive! We are thankful every day with the decision we made to join CPS.”

–Elisha and Jonathan Becker; Parent of Brody (‘26) and Hunter (‘26) Becker

“We chose CPS for the small class sizes and the fact that CPS will take our son from 6th grade thru 12th. We have come to love the community that is CPS faculty and friends.”

–Michelle Crum; Parent of Matthew (‘24) Crum

“Concordia Prep has been a great fit for our kids, Brooke’22 and Lucas ‘22.  With the small class sizes, the resources available, and the Christian structure, our kids have really flourished and continue to grow at CPS!”

–Gina and Jerome Meyer; Parent of Brooke (‘22) and Lucas (‘22) Meyer 

“Sending our daughter to Concordia Prep was the best decision we could have ever made! Entering 9th grade, our daughter struggled in large classroom sizes in the public school system. She will be a Senior in the Fall and has blossomed academically and spiritually within the smaller school setting. The teachers and administration are truly there for the success of the students and are available to the students for help outside of the classroom! Concordia Prep offers a variety of extracurricular activities and sports allowing each student to participate and show their Saints Pride! It truly is a great time to be a Saint!” 

–Meredith and Todd Hieber; Parent of Madison Hieber (‘21)

“I chose Concordia Prep for my kids for many reasons, but there are a few that stand out. First are the leadership and faculty of the school. They strive to be the best, knowing it’s constantly an uphill battle in the highly competitive Baltimore private school environment. Since my first daughter shadowed here, I have seen growth and improvement in all areas of the school, in the classroom, on athletic fields, in the arts, and with the facilities themselves. Concordia Prep keeps their students engaged and focuses on building character in them. The small environment of Concordia Prep provides our kids with the opportunity to truly impact their school and provides many opportunities for participation in extracurriculars.” 

–Dan King; Parent of Kelsey King (‘21) and Juliana Carreira (‘22) 

“Joining the Concordia Prep family is the best decision we have made for our son. The classes are engaging with rigorous instruction from great teachers that go above and beyond to ensure that he is prepared for college. We love the climate and culture of Concordia where we have seen him excel even farther than we could have ever imagined!”

–Holly Scott; Parent of Gavin Scott (‘22) 

“Both of my children are current students. Each excels and has interests in different areas and CPS provides opportunities for both of them.  The most important aspect for me is that they are taught and mentored by people that are also concerned about their spiritual growth.”

–Lynee Edwards; Current Teacher & Parent of Grace (‘21) and Henry (‘23) Edwards

“With both Parents working as educators, we did not make the move to private school lightly. At Concordia, we have found that our son isn’t just another number. Every faculty member knows him by name and he feels a part of the Concordia family. The school consistently exhibits our own family values including leadership, spirituality, respect, and responsibility. Academically, high grades do not come easily to our son. But the staff offers support in a variety of ways to help him to be successful. Also, the coaches who are training my son to meet his athletic potential follow the same values that are being taught inside the building.” 

–Jennifer and Michael Drought; Parent of Colton (‘23) Drought

“My daughters felt immediately welcomed and supported; beginning from their shadow day they felt they had found a true Home at CPS. The classmates, teammates, and teachers that they have had the pleasure of meeting have together created a nurturing community that will remain with them long after their attendance to CPS.” 

–Amy and Gordon Godat; Parent of Anastasia (‘20) and Maddy (‘22) Godat

“Our family has been at CPS for three years and we are looking forward to many more. We have known that this school has been the right place for our family, but I have been pleasantly surprised to see how much I would grow to love this school. CPS has been the natural ‘next step’ in our daughter’s education, faith, and communal growth. We’ve been particularly impressed and encouraged by the faculty and the care they have shown for our daughter’s personal emotions, faith, and educational growth through this unique period of distance learning. CPS’s performance has risen above other institutions for that matter. We highly recommend CPS to any parent looking for a loving community for their child’s high school education! Thank you, CPS for everything you have done for our family!” 

–Shelley and Brian Kowalczyk; Parent of Evelyn (‘21) and Gabe (‘24) Kowalczyk

“Concordia Prep School has been a good fit for our family for many reasons. If I had to narrow it down to just a few they would be:

C– commitment to learning by staff members

P– parent support and connections

S– school meets the specific needs of my child.”

–Bonnie Marschall; Parent of Brooke (‘22) Marschall

“Our daughter has been able to flourish academically. She has taken high school level courses in middle school which enables her to take even more advanced courses in high school. Thus preparing her well for college and beyond.” 

–Michelle Suggs; CPS Instructor and Parent of Rachel (‘24) Suggs

“We are looking ahead to having three rising sophomores in the 2020-2021 school year, which marks the beginning of our 4th year at Concordia. We absolutely love this school! We have three kids, starting their sophomore year next year and they have different needs and interests and CPS gives them all that they need, from academics to sports to the arts. 

“There is a good balance of faith in everything that’s done at CPS which supports our values at home. CPS provides consistency with expectations around behavior and issues consequences that match the behavior, we love that! Our kids love spending time at school and they love being involved in all that they can! We truly couldn’t be happier with the choice we made to send our three to CPS!” 

–Shelley Ford-Peroutka and Paul Peroutka; Parents of Hailee (‘23), Hayden (‘23), and Brennen (‘23).

“As parents, deciding on the right middle school can be overwhelming in itself, however, finding the right school for an introverted child can be even more of a challenge. Searching for a school that could offer all that we desire as parents; including a small student-teacher ratio; hands-on learning; a loving environment; all the while encouraging diversity, and Christian morals and principles through the word of God along with being a College Preparatory school became extremely difficult. After visiting and shadowing several schools in the surrounding counties, we stumbled across Concordia Preparatory; which unbeknownst to us, offered all that we required for our son’s education. Once our son shadowed Concordia Prep, his first response to us was… “I really, really like this school, do you think I could attend?” Here was a child who barely commented on any of the other schools, we were beyond ecstatic! As his parents, just hearing those few words put a smile on our face, as we had already discreetly chosen this school for him. Now seeing how much he has thrived spiritually, academically, and emotionally in just 2 years, we can honestly and proudly say… choosing Concordia Prep was the best decision we made for our son’s education!”

–Jamie and Steven Kinney; Parent of Noah (‘25) Kinney

“Being an alumna of this school, I am honored that my daughter has followed in my footsteps and had the opportunity to develop her God-given talents. We are treated like family at CPS and the intimate learning environment allows the teachers to really get to know our children. The smaller school environment has allowed my daughter to participate in sports, theater, music all while taking challenging Honors and AP classes, which help to prepare a well-rounded individual for the future. She has formed close friendships which will be with her through the years.” #saintspride 

–Cindy Hoerl; Parent of Kaylee (‘21) Hoerl

“CPS has proven to be the right choice for our family as they provide a safe, respectful environment for our children to learn, explore, and grow into young adults. The faculty and staff are committed to encouraging our children to improve their skills and focus on being well-rounded people. Thank you, CPS for the values you are instilling in these young minds!”

–Angela and Jeffrey Tirschman; Parent of Kyan (‘22) and Kadynn (‘26) 

“Concordia prep has been a real blessing for me and my family. The school has provided a safe atmosphere for my son and most of all a Christian education. The teaching and coaching staff at Concordia has provided the tools to help my son get to the next level of his life. Thank you guys so much.” 

–Evelyn and Daniel Sharpe Gina and Jerome Meyer; Parent of Will (‘22) Sharpe

“Concordia Prep school has been instrumental in preparing our daughter for college. Not only has she excelled – CPS is now preparing our son for his future. The teachers and Administration lead with Christian values. They care for more than education – they care for our family. CPS is our family!”

–Shannon Reynolds; Parent of Michael (‘21) Reynolds

“Concordia has been a blessing to our family. The school understands the balance between academics, family life, social life, and athletics – something my daughters very much needed!” 

–Gretchen and Chris Montcalmo; Parent of Lydia (‘25) and Sophia (‘22) Montcalmo

“I researched multiple private schools to find the right fit. My son had an IEP in public school and needed a smaller and supportive academic environment. My son and I completed a tour of Concordia’s facilities, met with friendly and supportive faculty, and talked with multiple satisfied parents. We both knew that Concordia would be the right fit. Currently, my son is thriving academically and socially. I am very happy with my choice.”

Valerie Marks; Parent of Ronald (‘23) Marks

“Concordia Prep provides my son the opportunity to learn and mature within a nurturing environment without compromising academic standards and expectations. He has been able to improve his overall skills as well as explore his interests and plans for life after high school. The Christ-centered community supports this unique balance of academic achievement and social development.” 

–Louis Jones Smith; Parent of Randy (‘21) Smith

“CPS has truly been a blessing for my middle schooler. I have watched him grow and develop into a fine young man under the leadership of excellent teachers. He’s challenged in new ways each day and is able to get personalized attention when he needs it due to smaller class sizes. In addition to outstanding academics, my son has also been able to participate in a competitive soccer program that he truly enjoys.”

–Stacey and Tory Schantz; Parent of Owen (‘25) Schantz

“We want to express our sincere and heartfelt gratitude to each of the faculty, staff, and administration at CPS! Our daughter transferred to CPS this year as a junior. While it was a challenging beginning, we can say with full confidence that this is where she was meant to be! What an incredible, fun, and challenging year it has been for her – full of opportunity and growth. She has loved every one of her teachers, classes and coaches this year including the engaging administration and staff, who visibly work to build relationships of grace with the students! The transition to virtual learning was, we are sure, one of the biggest challenges the school has faced but the faculty handled it with professionalism and excellence – so much so that we could not tell it was your first time doing it this way! Thank you all for your tremendous hard work and efforts to ensure the continuity of learning for each student and your creativity to find ways to engage them through a screen! We appreciate it so much! It has been nothing but a blessing to be a part of CPS and we cannot wait for this year!! So thank you again and we pray God‘s richest blessings upon you all!”

–Joel Schmidt; Parent of Chloe (‘21) Schmidt

“I graduated from Baltimore Lutheran school. My children attended Concordia Prep School and now my grandchild attends. I have been teaching at CPS for 21 years. CPS is a loving community that keeps bringing us back through the years. They provide a quality education that continues to prepare students for life.” 

–Marcie Barth; CPS Art Teacher 

Class of 2020 Testimonials

Brice Gregory – “My favorite thing about Concordia is the overall small school atmosphere – it’s a growing school in Towson. I don’t have to be in a waiting line to go see my teachers every single day. I can just pop in real quick or send them a quick email even during the day. I think that really conforms to me as a student and if you’re that kind of student it can really conform to you. My favorite memory is winning the baseball championship with my boys back in junior year and I will never forget those memories and the athletic opportunities that Concordia provided for me.”

Sam Lassahn – “My favorite thing about CPS would be that there are so many opportunities to be a part of. You’re not just limited as an athlete or an actor or actress. You can be a part of sports, clubs, and be in a musical or play, and just anything you can think of. Your teachers always help make it work which is awesome because you can’t always find that everywhere. My favorite memory would be winning the first-ever women’s soccer championship in school history this past fall.”

Madilyn Lorenz – “My favorite thing about CPS is the environment because we are a family and you are given so many opportunities that you would not receive at other schools. My favorite memory was the powderpuff game.”

Jon Davis – “My favorite thing about CPS would be the faculty and staff because I’ve known them for quite a long time sinceI’ve been going to the school for 7 years. My favorite memory from CPS would be my senior year of football because I’ve been playing with some of them since my sophomore year when the football program started.” 

Jade Powell – “What I love about the school is the sense of community and the family that we are all apart of from the moment we step foot into the school. I’ve been here for seven years so a favorite memory is hard for me to pick out but I would say I’ve really enjoyed the friends I’ve made and I feel like I have some friends that could last me a lifetime.”

Katie Patschke – “I love Concordia because I have made many friends there over the past four years and my favorite memory from high school would be senior year being able to go off campus for lunch.”

Tori Lassahn – “What I love about Concordia Prep is the small family environment. I’ve met so many great people and made a lot of friends that I am very thankful for. My favorite memory for Concordia is winning the soccer championship this year.”