The Giguere Program (formerly the STAR program) is designed for college-bound students with diagnosed learning differences. The program aims to provide resources and supportive services while promoting skills that lead the student to succeed at higher education levels and promotes each student’s individual strengths and fosters an environment of inclusive excellence. The Giguere Program is named for Mrs. Irene Giguere who started the program.


I am here to help you develop learning strategies.
   I am not here to make sure that you pass.

I am here to help build your confidence.
   I am not here to make you feel inadequate.

I am here to help you grow as a person.
   I am not here to fit you in a mold.

I am here to give you structure for the day.
   I am not here to confine and limit your rights.

I am here to help you keep on task.
   I am not here to let you just slide by.

I am here to show you a loving Savior.
   I am not here to be “preachy” and judgemental.

I am here to offer a listening ear.
   I am not here to tell you what to do.

I am here — for you.

by Irene M. Giguere, Founder of the Concordia Preparatory School Giguere Program

News for the Summer of 2020

Ms. Elizabeth (Liz) Moore has been named the Director of the Giguere Program. Read her bio here:
New Director of the Giguere Program Named

She can be reached via her email:

Giguere Students Reopening Plan Update

 Giguere Program Concordia Skills Class: Fall 2020 Giguere Syllabus 

Student Assistance and Resource Department:

The Giguere Program


  • Prospective students will be required to participate in a shadow day and complete an interview with the program director.
  •  While at the Giguere Program interview the prospective student will complete an entrance assessment, which includes math skills, reading comprehension skills, and writing skills.
  • Students who are applying for the Giguere Program will not be applying for a specific track. They will be applying for the program. The program director will make a recommendation for which track the student should be enrolled in.
  • Students will be required to submit at least one of the following: IEP, 504 plan, educational psychological evaluation (completed within the last two years).
  • Students that do not submit an educational psychological evaluation will not be able to apply for SAT/ACT accommodations.
  • Middle school students will be required to enroll in the Concordia Track.

The Saints Track

  • Students will receive accommodations in school as outlined in their individual plans.
  • Students will receive individual check-ins when a student has a grade lower than 70%.
  • Students who have additional time on assessments listed in their plan will be required to enroll in a study hall.
  • The study hall proctor will ensure students have the appropriate test time.
  • Tests can be taken in the Testing Center when scheduled in advance.

The Concordia Track

  • Students will be enrolled in the “Concordia Skills” class for credit.
  • During an academic cycle, students will receive instructional time on days 1,3,5,7. Students will have time to complete assessments and receive one-on-one homework/study help on days 2,4,6,8.
  • Students will be graded on assignments that they receive in the Concordia Skills course.
  • Students will receive graded instruction on organization, time management, note-taking, study strategies, math strategies, reading comprehension, testing skills, self-advocacy, and stress management.
  • Parents will receive a personalized weekly email from the program director about their student’s progress.

Summer Programming

  • The Giguere Program offers summer programs for students in the Giguere program.
  • All new Concordia Track students in the Giguere Program will be required to attend the summer programming. New students will pay a $500 fee.
  • Returning students/Saints Track can attend the summer programming for a $250 fee.
  • The summer program will be divided into two weeks:
  • Upper School Program will be Monday, August 3 to Thursday, August 6, from 9 am to 1 pm.
  • Middle School Program will be Monday, August 10 to Thursday, August 13, from 9 am to 1 pm.
  • Summer Programming Content:
    • Reading: reviewing summer reading work, review of reading comprehension skills.
    • Math: reviewing summer math work, review math skills that are appropriate for the grade level.
    • Organization/Understanding CPS: Students will organize binders, notebooks, receive course syllabi, technology agreements, and handbooks. Students will be able to organize their lockers, receive their schedules, and see where their classes are. The Giguere Program students that have two sets of textbooks outlined in their plans will be allowed to receive the second set of textbooks. Students will have a one-on-one session with the program director to review their personalized learning plan.
    • Lunch will be provided for students. 

Additional Guidance Services

  • College Counseling
  • Clinical Mental Health Services:
    • Students in the Giguere Program and ELL program will have the opportunity to receive mental health services during the school day.
    • Students may also receive mental health treatment as referred by teachers.
    • Students will only be able to schedule counseling appointments during lunch, advisory, and study hall.
  • Parent Training Seminars:
    • The Mental Health Clinician will be available to provide evening parent training seminars once a quarter.
    • The Mental Health Clinician will be providing faculty training seminars once a quarter.