Main Number: 410-825-2323
EDP: 443-465-3771
FAX: 410-825-2506
Nurse’s FAX: 410-583-7054


Mr. Brent Johnson, ext. 228

Upper School Principal
Mrs. Sara Welinsky, ext. 225

Middle School Principal, Dean of Students
Mr. Curtis Miller, ext. 242

Assistant Principal, Assistant Director of Athletics, Head Football Coach
Mr. Joseph Battaglia, ext. 238

Director of Guidance/Academic Dean
Mrs. Kim Grill, ext. 235

Director of Athletics
Mrs. Fredrica Newman ext. 241

Director of Diversity and Inclusion
Mr. Napoleon Sykes, Jr., ext. 224

Director of Student Resources (Giguere Program)
Ms. Liz Longenecker


Campus Pastor
Rev. Peter Couser, ext. 250

Business Manager
Mr. James Carter ‘83, ext. 227

Director of Admissions
Mr. Stephen Berger, ext. 240

Admissions Assistant
Ms. Carlyn Stefanelli, ext. 229

Director of Advancement
Mrs. Gloria Murphy, ext. 275

Ms. Martha Bainbridge, ext. 230

Director of Technology
Mrs. Amanda Trapani, ext. 236

School Nurse
Mrs. Ellen Marquardt, ext. 244

Director of Communications
Mrs. Jane Ponton,

Director of Facilities
Mr. Tim Boothe, ext. 245

Alumni Relations
Mr. Gary Barth ‘75


Mrs. Joy Johnson, Fine Arts
Instructor, Fine Arts

Mr. Gary Doede, English
Instructor, English/World Languages

Mr. Brent Johnson, Religion

Mr. Curtis Miller, Social Science

Mrs. Kathrin Cain, Science

Ms. Danielle Tornabene, Mathematics
Instructor, Mathematics

Mrs. Leslie Calheira, Physical Education
Instructor, Physical Education

Mrs. Sara Welinsky, World Languages
Instructor, World Languages


Mrs. Kara Baney
Instructor, Religion/Mathematics

Mr. Ryan Baney
Instructor, Religion/Social Science

Mrs. Marcie Barth ‘82
Instructor, Fine Arts

Mrs. Leslie Calheira
Instructor, Physical Education

Mr. James Carter ‘83
Instructor, Social Science

Mrs. Megan Christian
Instructor, Social Science

Mr. Taylor Christian
Instructor, Social Science

Mrs. Cindy Chrysam
Instructor, Science

Mrs. Amy Couser
Instructor, Mathematics

Mrs. Lynee Edwards
Instructor, English/Social Science

Mr. Douglas Erickson
Instructor, Mathematics/Robotics

Mr. Mark Esser
Instructor, Mathematics/Science

Mrs. Paige Esser
Choir Director, Instructor Religion

Ms. Anna Heckel ‘10
Instructor, English/Spanish

Mr. Aaron Holtmeier
Instructor, Science/Religion

Mrs. Joy Johnson
Instructor, English/Drama

Mr. Robert Johnson, III
Instructor, World Languages, Yearbook

Ms. Heather Mattes ‘96
Instructor, Science/Social Science

Ms. Audrey Mehl
Instructor, Social Science/Religion

Mr. Joseph Meador
Band Director, Instructor Religion

Mrs. Barbara Ross
Instructor, Mathematics/Science

Ms. Kaitlyn Stradtmann
Instructor, World Languages

Ms. Melissa Weldon
Instructor, Social Science

Ms. Cammie White
Instructor, Mathematics

Dr. Markus Zisselsberger
Instructor, English