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COVID-19 Protocols for 2021-2022 and Agreement Form

Dear Concordia Prep Parents and Guardians:

Concordia Prep is committed to keeping our school community as safe as possible and this requires the continued support and cooperation of everyone. While our goal is to return to full, unrestricted school activities, the safety and well-being of our students, staff, and families is our priority. Please review the information we provided last week at the Town Hall Meeting. We ask that all parents/guardians sign the Agreement Form – you will see the link at the bottom of this email.

As you are aware, COVID-19 transmission in our local communities is at a substantial level based on metrics from the Maryland State Dept. of Health and the CDC (Levels of Community Transmissions). As recommended by MSDE, MDH, Baltimore County Dept. of Health, CDC, and AAP we are using a layered prevention strategy again this year in school to minimize the risk of COVID-19 transmission in our school.

Information from Town Hall Meeting Regarding COVID-19 Protocols 2021-22

  • Concordia Prep is following the guidance by the Maryland Department of Health and will require masks until the community transmission rate is less than 7/100,000. Baltimore County is at 14.28 cases/100,000 as of 8/19/2021.
  • All students, faculty, and staff are required to wear masks inside the school buildings.
  • Students may remove masks while eating and drinking and during short breaks between classes outside.
  • Surgical and cloth masks are acceptable. Gators and masks with vents are not permitted.
  • Students do not need to wear masks outdoors and during athletics practices/games provided they maintain physical distancing.
  • Students who ride the bus to and from school and to athletic events must wear masks and sit in designated seats.
  • Students should maintain 3-ft separation as required by the CDC. Teachers, faculty, and staff will ensure that students remain socially distanced.
  • Students will eat in the school cafeteria but are also encouraged to eat outdoors, weather permitting. They may bring a lawn chair that will fit in their locker for outdoor use.
  • Students will be storing their books and backpacks in lockers.
  • Concordia Prep is not requiring parents and students to use the ParentLocker app this year.
  • Students’ temperatures will be not checked as they arrive at school each morning. Parents will be asked to screen their children before school and not send them to school with any signs of illness.
  • If a student tests positive for COVID-19, contact tracing will be done to determine if other students or staff need to quarantine and parents will be contacted.
  • If a student or staff member has been vaccinated against COVID-19 or if they had COVID-19 in the last 90 days, they do not need to quarantine if they are in close contact with someone positive, but they do need to be tested 3-5 days after being exposed to the positive person.
  • Quarantine guidelines will be determined based on vaccination status and guidelines from the Maryland Department of Health and the Baltimore County Department of Health.

Please review the COVID Protocols for the 2021-2022 Agreement Form and sign at the bottom indicating your understanding and agreement: COVID Protocols for 2021-2022 Agreement Form
Please contact me or Mrs. Marquardt with any questions.
Mr. Brent Johnson
410-825-2323 Ext 228
Mrs. Ellen Marquardt
School Nurse
410-825-2323 Ext 244