Concordia Prep’s Theatre Department Presents: The Upper School-Alumni Production of The Great Gatsby

  • Friday, November 2 at 7:30 pm
  • Saturday, November 3 at 7:30 pm
  • Sunday, November 4 at 3 pm

The Concordia Prep Theatre Department, as well as several alumni guest actors, will present The Great Gatsby November 2, 3, 4. As a way to celebrate the talents of our theatre students over the years and for many years to come, a portion of ticket sales will go towards the Renew and Rejoice Campaign and the renovation of the Black Box Theatre. Alumni actors include: Bayley Rabenau (’12), Colin Jones (’10), and Mark Bayne (’10), and choreographer Donna Stroh (’85). For more information, contact Director Joy Johnson at  

You may purchase your tickets online in advance for $12. Tickets will be $15 at the door, $10 for students and senior citizens. Seating is limited. Only 120 seats will be sold for each performance. Please keep your email receipt to show at the door. Tickets will be held at the door.



Cast List:

  • Jay Gatsby – Andrew Stephens (’19)
  •  Nick Carraway – Mark Bayne (’10)
  •  Daisy Buchanan – Samantha Connors (’19)
  •  Jordan Baker – Riley Marzola (’19)
  •  Tom Buchanan – Colin Jones (’10)
  •  George Wilson – Amir Richardson (’21)
  •  Myrtle Wilson – Shelbie Woodward (’19)
  •  Meyer Wolfsheim – Brendan McCarron (’20)
  •  Lucille McKee – Bayley Rabenau (’12)
  •  Chester McKee – Josh Young (’19)
  •  Mrs. Michaelis – Rosalee Crouse (’19)
  •  Police Officer – Ben Strong (’22)
  •  Waiter/Gatsby’s Butler – Jordan Harris (’22)
  •  Party Guest – Adia Thomas (’20)
  •  Stage Managers – Jillian Perez (’19) and Lyla Martin (’19)
  •  Lighting/Sound – Jacob Williams (’19), Lukas Mathew (’19), Jonathan Makrodimitris (’22)

SYNOPSIS: Jay Gatsby, a self-made millionaire passionately pursues the elusive Daisy Buchanan. Nick Carraway, a young newcomer to Long Island, is drawn into their world of obsession, greed, and danger. The breathtaking glamour and decadent excess of the Jazz Age come to the stage in F. Scott Fitzgerald’s classic novel, and in Simon Levy’s adaptation, approved by the Fitzgerald Estate.