Join us for Renew and Rejoice. Concordia Prep is launching an exciting campaign to renovate and update the campus. Every area of the Concordia Prep School campus will be affected and every student, program, and activity will be enhanced.

Phase One: Beginning Summer of 2018

Bathrooms in Upper and Middle School Buildings Renovated $100,000 Project Sheet for Bathrooms
Upper and Middle School Chemistry Labs Renovations $85,000/$30,000 Project Sheet for Science Labs
Cafeteria Renovations $75,000 Project Sheet for Cafeteria Renovations

Phase Two: Beginning Spring of 2019  

Black Box Theatre Renovations and Dance Studio $80,000 Project Sheet for Theater & Dance Studio
Renovations to the Lutheran Activities Center $285,000 Project Sheet for Gymnasium
Parking Lots Paved, Landscaping, Media Center Furniture $160,000/$15,000 Project Sheet for Parking Lots/Media Center

Summer of 2019  

 New Turf Field $550,000 Project Sheet for Turf Field

Total for Renew and Rejoice: $1.2 Million

You may make a donation online for Renew and Rejoice: Donate Now

Contact the Concordia Prep School for more information: 410-825-2323.