The teachers at Concordia Preparatory School are highly qualified Christian men and women, committed to young people and the crucial role education plays in our complex society. They offer a caring and supportive environment to encourage students with learning differences.

STAR: Student Aid and Resource PROGRAM
“Learning How to Learn”

The Student Aid and Resource Program (STAR) was founded in 1975. It is designed to assist college-bound students with learning needs successfully complete the course work requirements at Concordia Prep School. The purpose of the STAR Program is to provide resource and supportive services, while promoting skills that lead the student to success at higher education levels. Students are fully integrated into our college preparatory curriculum and must fulfill all school and state educational requirements.

The STAR Program seeks to tap into the student’s individual strengths and to encourage excellence in a caring school environment. Students are encouraged to participate in all CPS school activities, to succeed academically to the best of their ability, and to grow spiritually as children of God.


The services provided in the STAR Program are varied and depend upon student needs and the recommendations contained in a current Educational-Psychological evaluation. The student must have a diagnosed learning disability to apply for the program.

Services may include:

  • Test-Taking Modifications
  • Organizational Skills
  • Study Strategies
  • Technology Implementation
  • Monitoring of Homework
  • Assistance with Written Work
  • Tutoring in Difficult Subject Areas
  • Regular Review of Progress

The STAR Program is not a remediation service, but rather assists the student in “learning how to learn.”


Admission to the STAR Program is based on a process that includes completion of the regular admissions process, a student/parent interview with the Director of Student Resources, an updated psychological-educational evaluation, and the ability of the program to meet needs of the applicant. It is open to qualified students with documented learning differences who possess the motivation, ability and character to succeed in a rigorous academic environment. For more information, please contact the Office of Admissions at 410-825-2323, x 240.


The STAR suite is located in the main building of the upper school complex. The pleasant surroundings consist of three rooms, one containing a small computer lab. A SmartBoard, iPad, Chromebooks, and a variety of appropriate software are all easily accessible to students for enhancing instruction and supporting the academic environment. A wireless computer network covers the entire complex, allowing full technological services anywhere on campus.