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2018 Concordia Prep Theatre Department Awards

Most Helpful to the Directing Staff Behind the Scenes

(We count on them to take care of things without our assistance as well as run the shows).

  • Fall – Lyla Martin, Tayla Stewart, Avion Brooks (stage managers and amazing set change assistants)
  • Spring – Lyla Martin, Jillian Perez, Hannah Beasman, McKenzie Barlow, Ryan Calheira, Peyton Clay, Sarah Franker, Katie Gavazzi, Bryelle Johnson, Patrick Simons, Aniya Stancil, Tayla Stewart, Tavin Thomas, Rachel Vernarelli (the extremely important stage managers and set crew)
  • Both – Lukas Mathews and Jacob Williams (amazing techies)

Painting Crew
(The amazing and detailed sets thanks to Mrs. Barth)

  • Fall – Avion Brooks, Logan Corbin, Rose Crouse, Jonathan Davis, Grace Edwards, Janiya Foreman, Maranda Howell, Lyla Martin, Riley Marzola
  • Spring – Grace Edwards, Evelyn Kowalczyk, Amy Kurian, Nia Lamptey-Mills
    • Victoria Dodge, Evelyn Kowalczyk, Cat Regan, Abby Stephens
      (background scenes that were digitized)

Special Thanks to the Enthusiastic and Patient Understudies
(We truly appreciate all that you did for both shows)

  • Rose Crouse
  • Javier Janer-Pacheco
  • Rachel Suggs

Publicity and Poster Design

  • Jarrod Connell and Victoria Dodge (fall)
  • Ms. Martha Bainbridge (spring)

Special Awards


Most Improved
All My Sons – Fall 2017
Maranda Howell

Outstanding Debut Performer 
All My Sons – Fall 2017
Amir Richardson


Most Improved 
Mary Poppins – Spring 2018
Brooke Hoskins

Outstanding Debut Performer 
Mary Poppins – Spring 2018
Randolph Smith

Most Helpful Behind the Scenes 
All My Sons – Fall 2017
Mary Poppins – Spring 2018
Lyla Martin

Most Helpful Behind the Scene
Mary Poppins – Spring 2018
Jillian Perez

Most Helpful Behind the Scenes – Tech Award 
All My Sons – Fall 2017
Mary Poppins – Spring 2018
Lukas Mathews

Most Helpful Behind the Scenes – Tech Award 
All My Sons – Fall 2017
Mary Poppins – Spring 2018
Jacob Williams

Letter Winners

  • Sam Connors
  • Rosalee Crouse
  • Robbie Heck
  • Javier Janer-Pacheco
  • Riley Marzola

Leading Awards


Best Supporting Actress 
All My Sons – Fall 2017
Samantha Connors

Best Supporting Actor
All My Sons – Fall 2017
Mary Poppins – Spring 2018
Javier Janer-Pacheco


Best Supporting Actress
Mary Poppins – Spring 2018
Faith Vernarelli

Outstanding Lead Actress 
All My Sons – Fall 2017
Mary Poppins – Spring 2018
Riley Marzola

Outstanding Lead Actor
All My Sons – Fall 2017
Mary Poppins – Spring 2018
Robert Heck

Senior Awards

In Recognition of Years of Dedication to CPS Theatre
(Onstage or Behind the Scenes)

  • Four Years: Cat Reagan and Javier Janer-Pacheco
  • Three Years: Abby Stephens
  • Two Years: Katie Gavazzi and Robbie Heck
  • One Year: McKenzie Barlow, Hannah Beasman, Victoria Dodge, and Kaitlyn Tian

A Special Thank You to Mrs. Ruth Heilman

Thank you – Mrs. Ruth Heilman and her nine years of helping with BLS/CPS Theatre in the following shows:

  • 2005:  Meet Me in St. Louis
  • 2009: Crazy for You
  • 2010: West Side Story
  • 2011: Anything Goes
  • 2012: Fiddler on The Roof
  • 2013: State Fair
  • 2014: How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying
  • 2015: Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat
  • 2018: Mary Poppins

Thank-You/Recognition of Teachers and Parents

  • Ms. Donna Stroh – Choreography
  • Mrs. Dawn Connors and Mrs. Sherri Marzola – Meal Arrangements (fall)
  • Mrs. Kelly Jarrett, Mrs. Michelle Suggs – Meal Arrangements (spring)
  • Mrs. Jeanne Woodward – Intermission Arrangements (spring)
  • Mrs. Kris Strong – Costumes/Tickets/EVERYTHING
  • Mr. Jon Heilman – Set Design/Construction (fall)
  • Mr. David Arthur, Mr. Jon Heilman, Mr. Tim Marzola – Set Design/Construction (spring)
  • Mr. Dennis Mercer – Instrumental Music Director
  • Ms. Lauren Staehr – Vocal Director/Assistant Director
  • Mrs. Ruth Heilman – Rehearsal Pianist and Keyboard during the show
  • Mrs. Marcie Barth – Artistic Design (realism—set design and hair)
  • Mrs. Liv Butterfield, Ms. Lauren Staehr, Mrs. Shauna Stroble, Mrs. Michelle Suggs – Hair/Makeup
  • Ms. Melissa Weldon – Head Costumer
  • Mrs. Cindy Chrysam – Assistant to the Head Costumer
  • Mrs. Myrna Pacheco – Assistant to the Head Costumer
  • Mrs. Doris Stroh – Assistant to the Head Costumer
  • Mr. Bryan Austwick – Sound/Tech Guru
  • Mr. Mark Esser – Assistant Director (spring)

View photos of the awards ceremony courtesy of Ms. Martha Bainbridge:
CPS 2018 Theatre Awards